Environment Preparation

Cluster Information

Node TypeNumber of NodesCPUMemoryStorageNetworkRemarks
Management Node33232GB120GB SSD10 Gb/s
Metadata Node103232GB16 x 1TB SSD10 Gb/sMixed deployment
Data Node103232GB16 x 1TB SSD10 Gb/sMixed deployment

Volume Settings

ParameterDefault ValueRecommended ValueDescription
FollowerReadTrueTrueWhether to enable FollowerRead
Capacity10 GB300,000,000 GBCapacity
Data Replica Number33Number of data replicas
Meta Replica Number33Number of metadata replicas
Data Partition Size120 GB120 GBTheoretical upper limit, no space is pre-allocated
Data Partition Count101500Number of data partitions
Meta Partition Count310Number of metadata partitions
Cross ZoneFalseFalseWhether to cross zones

Setting method:

 $ cfs-cli volume create test-vol {owner} --capacity=300000000 --mp-count=10
 Create a new volume:
   Name                : test-vol
   Owner               : ltptest
   Dara partition size : 120 GB
   Meta partition count: 10
   Capacity            : 300000000 GB
   Replicas            : 3
   Allow follower read : Enabled

 Confirm (yes/no)[yes]: yes
 Create volume success.

 $ cfs-cli volume add-dp test-vol 1490

Client Configuration

# View the current IOPS:
$ http://[ClientIP]:[ProfPort]/rate/get
# Set the IOPS. The default value of -1 means that the IOPS is not limited.
$ http://[ClientIP]:[ProfPort]/rate/set?write=800&read=800
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