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Development Guide


You can participate in the open-source development of CubeFS in various ways, such as:

Coding style

  • Follow the coding standardsopen in new window of Go.
  • Ensure that your code is formatted using go fmt or gofumpt before submitting it.
  • Ensure that each new source file starts with a license header.
  • Ensure that there are enough unit tests.
  • Ensure that there are enough comments.

Commit message guidelines


For example, the author information must match the Signed-off-by information.

Author: users <>
Date:   Thu Apr 27 09:40:02 2023 +0800

    feat(cubefs): this is an example
    close: #issue-id
    Signed-off-by: users <>


Main maintainers and their responsibilities listopen in new window


User listopen in new window


  • users@cubefs.groups.ioopen in new window: Subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed about version releases, community events, and engage in discussions about anything related to CubeFS.

  • Slackopen in new window: Join the CubeFS Slack group to discuss anything related to CubeFS in real-time.

  • Twitteropen in new window: Follow @CubeFS on Twitter to get the latest updates.

  • WeChat official account: Follow CubeFS Official Account on WeChat to get product updates, technical insights, community events, and more.


  • WeChat CubeFS Community group: Scan the QR code or search for WeChat ID cubefs to join the CubeFS community, where you can share your experiences, learn about version updates, community events, and other related information.


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