ObjectNode Configuration

Configuration Description

rolestringProcess role, must be set to objectnodeYes
listenstringPort number for HTTP service listening. Format: PORT , default: 80Yes
domainsstring sliceConfigure domain names for S3-compatible interfaces to support DNS-style access to resources. Format: DOMAINNo
logDirstringPath to store logsYes
logLevelstringLog level, default: errorNo
masterAddrstring sliceFormat: HOST:PORT, HOST: Resource management node IP (Master), PORT: Resource management node service port (Master)Yes
exporterPortstringPort for Prometheus to obtain monitoring dataNo
profstringDebugging and administrator API interfaceYes

Configuration Example

     "role": "objectnode",
     "listen": "17410",
     "domains": [
     "logDir": "/cfs/Logs/objectnode",
     "logLevel": "info",
     "masterAddr": [
     "exporterPort": 9503,
     "prof": "7013"
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