Client Configuration

Configuration Description

mountPointstringMount pointYes
volNamestringVolume nameYes
masterAddrstringMaster node addressYes
logDirstringLog directoryNo
logLevelstringLog level: debug, info, warn, errorNo
profPortstringGolang pprof debug portNo
exporterPortstringPrometheus monitoring data portNo
consulAddrstringMonitoring registration server addressNo
lookupValidstringKernel FUSE lookup validity period, in secondsNo
attrValidstringKernel FUSE attribute validity period, in secondsNo
icacheTimeoutstringClient inode cache validity period, in secondsNo
enSyncWritestringEnable DirectIO synchronous write, i.e., force data node to write to disk with DirectIONo
autoInvalDatastringUse the AutoInvalData option for FUSE mountNo
rdonlyboolMount in read-only mode, default is falseNo
writecacheboolUse the write cache function of kernel FUSE module, requires kernel FUSE module support for write cache, default is falseNo
keepcacheboolKeep kernel page cache. This function requires the writecache option to be enabled, default is falseNo
tokenstringIf enableToken is enabled when creating a volume, fill in the token corresponding to the permissionNo
readRateintLimit the number of reads per second, default is unlimitedNo
writeRateintLimit the number of writes per second, default is unlimitedNo
followerReadboolRead data from follower, default is falseNo
accessKeystringAuthentication key of the user to whom the volume belongsNo
secretKeystringAuthentication key of the user to whom the volume belongsNo
disableDcacheboolDisable Dentry cache, default is falseNo
subdirstringSet subdirectory mountNo
fsyncOnCloseboolPerform fsync operation after file is closed, default is trueNo
maxcpusintMaximum number of CPUs that can be used, can limit the CPU usage of the client processNo
enableXattrboolWhether to use xattr, default is falseNo
enableBcacheboolWhether to enable local level-1 cache, default is falseNo
enableAuditboolWhether to enable local audit logs, default is falseNo

Configuration Example

  "mountPoint": "/cfs/mountpoint",
  "volName": "ltptest",
  "owner": "ltptest",
  "masterAddr": ",,",
  "logDir": "/cfs/client/log",
  "logLevel": "info",
  "profPort": "27510"
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