CubeFS is a cloud native distributed storage platform.

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The Key features of CubeFS

Multiple Access Protocol Support

Converge posix filesystem interfaces、S3-compatible interfaces and hdfs interfaces

Metadata Highly Scalable

Elasticity、scalability and strong consistency of metadata

High Performance

Specific performance optimizations for large/small files and sequential/random writes


Share the whole storage and improve resource utilization

Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

Accelerate Hybrid Cloud IO performance through multi-level caching

Online Erasure Coding Subsystem

Provide high durability, high availability, low cost erasure coding storage system

CubeFS Application Scenarios

Machine learning

Backend storage for HBase

Elastic search

Nginx log storage

MySQL database backup

Who is Using CubeFS

An Introducation to CubeFS

CubeFS Deployment

Kubernetes CSI Driver

Docker Compose

Helm 2/3

CubeFS is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Incubating Project.
For more details, please refer to our SIGMOD 2019 paper "CubeFS: A Distributed File System for Large Scale Container Platforms".